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Hidden Gems of Goa - Tambdi Surla

Tambdi Surla is a secluded and beautiful Shiva temple situated near the Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife sanctuary inside a quite and small village named Surla. This temple is a made of black basalt rock and was built in 12th century as per Kadamba Architecture.

Surrounded by trees on all sides you will definitely feel rejuvenated by this location. Not only the temple but the road leading to the temple is also mesmerizing. As the temple is situated remotely in a jungle the same was protected by the invaders. No matter how hot the climate, the moment you enter the temple you experience the coolness of the rock and feel at ease.

The temple has a Linga in the gabhara and it is said that a king cobra protects it and is a resident of the temple at all times. A headless Nandi is place at the center of the temple facing the deity. The temple is facing east side so that the first ray of sun falls on the deity. There is also a Tambdi Surla waterfall nearby and many enthusiastic hike to the waterfall through the jungle.

As you park you vehicle you are followed by the locals with fresh white flowers and Bel Leaves neatly decorated in a dron made of fresh leaf as an offering to the deity. The small routes to temple is very well kept, clean and made of black rocks and crosses a small stream of water which flows with gust in rainy season and you can hear only the stream water and the birds chirping around.

It is important to note that the place is situated in a jungle. The nearest village is Mollem which is around 15 kms from the temple, but if you are traveling north you will not find any place to have lunch or breakfast and it would be better if you carry water and snacks while you while traveling. The only good hotel/resort near Tambdi Surla is Nature's Nest Resort and the food here is lip smacking. If you are a bird lover you should definitely stay at Nature's Nest as they take you on a bird watching trip.

Mahashivratri is celebrated with a lot of zeal here with people visiting from various places and making it a grand event.

Every time we go to Goa we make it a point to visit this serene place. Preferably visit the place in day time since the road is covered by dense trees on both sides and its gets quite shady by evening. The temple is situated in South Goa and is around 68 kms from Panaji and takes around 2 hrs one way. The temple opens at 8:30 AM and closes at 5:30 P.M. If you have time you can also visit Dudhsagar waterfall which is around 21 kms south from here and while returning back you can visit Tambdi Surla, so plan your day accordingly. It is preferable to go by your own vehicle since public transport is not so very frequent. The drive to this place is very beautiful and I bet you will enjoy every moment of this divine place

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