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Coorg : A trip that turned me into a bird lover ❤️🐦🦜🕊️🦚

Our trip to Coorg started as any other trip , the only difference being I had a better zoom point and shoot camera at my disposal. 3 nights 4 days were enough to explore Coorg. We did not stay at Madikeri, the local town but in the outskirts at Pollibetta. The road approaching Pollibetta is through beautiful coffee plantations which gives a fragrance of coffee flowers. We landed at Mangalore Airport at around 12:30, had our lunch and headed to our resort which was around 4 half hour away. We had a small tea break before we started to climb up the hill and reached Pollibetta at around 5:30 when the sun was setting in for the day. Resort has a beautiful sunset view which was absolutely mesmerizing.

We stayed at a resort named Porcupine Castle,  the resort is located above 300 acres of coffee plantations and bounded by unending valleys and hills, making it easy to spot birds chirping and bathing in early morning sunlight. Since childhood I saw lot of colorful birds on our Navneet notebook covers, which I always thought were computer generated but to my surprise and excitement I saw all those birds in this place. I fell in love with those beautiful birds and mother nature all over again. My excitement had no bounds, I woke up early in the morning everyday to observe the beautiful colorful birds and capture them in my camera. From far away all birds looked same but as I zoomed in they start showing their beautiful colors.

After Coorg, I went to various places to capture many more pretty birds and developed a new passion for bird photography. The best season to bird watch is winters and the best time is early mornings and evenings. The addiction to see new birds is overwhelming, so much that I many times book a resort only for bird watching and nothing . Therefore while booking I also look for a place which is close to nature and away from the city where i can find these little birdies. 

Coorg is a great place to relax and unwind and an ideal place for a short break/vacation but more on Coorg Sightseeing in another blog. This blog was specifically made to express my love for Bird photography.😍

Birds teach us a great life lesson, all you have to do is listen to their song.

Radhika Thankar

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